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: Full-Time


: Healthcare - Allied Health

Job Summary:
Located at Northwest Hospital
Provides all aspects of clinical anesthesia, utilizing all current techniques, for all age and ASA category patients on both an elective and emergent basis. Acts as a consultant, role model, educator and resource for anesthesiology residents, student nurse anesthetists and other allied health professionals. Participates in and supports the research activities of the Department of Anesthesiology and of the Medical Center. Performs clinically with general independence and decision-making responsibility in concert with the Attending Anesthesiologist’s guidance and operational supervision in accordance with the Department of Anesthesiology guidelines. Acts under the administrative supervision of the Lead CRNA.

Perioperative Anesthetic Management
1. Promotes positive, respectful interpersonal relationships while communicating effectively with patients and their family, and acts as a patient advocate through the perioperative period.
2. Acts with general clinical independence and decision-making responsibility in concert with the attending anesthesiologist’s guidance and supervision in accordance with the Department of Anesthesiology guidelines.
3. Conducts a complete and accurate preoperative patient evaluation to include appropriate pre-anesthetic counseling and obtaining verbal consent.
4. Obtains additional consultations and diagnostic tests as required prior to the induction of anesthesia.
5. Selects and utilizes appropriate monitoring techniques based on patient condition and planned surgery.
6. Selects and administers pre-anesthetic medication and fluids based on the patient condition and planned surgery.
7. Develops, implements and evaluates a comprehensive anesthetic care plan for all patients that meets the physiologic, psychologic and age related needs of the patient.
8. Implements and manages all aspects of the anesthetic plan of care in a safe and vigilant manner.
9. Selects and administers anesthetic techniques, medications and adjunct medications appropriate for the patient condition and planned surgery.
10. Determines the need for and administers parental fluids and electrolyte therapy to include blood and blood products.
11. Initiates appropriate interventions quickly and calmly to include altering the level of anesthesia, administration of adjunct medications and requesting assistance when indicated to support the patient’s cardio-pulmonary status, and in response to alterations in patient condition and surgical requirements.
12. Gives immediate post-anesthesia care to patients as required to provide a patent airway, adequate fluid volume and stable cardio-pulmonary status, and requests assistance when indicated.
13. Conducts a complete and accurate postoperative evaluation, identifies anesthetic complications and notifies the Post Anesthesia Care Team/CQI as indicated.
Monitoring and Ensuring Quality Health Care Practice
14. Provides for the safe continuation of care by obtaining and giving a complete and accurate patient report to others in the health care team.
15. Recognizes personal limitations in technical skills and knowledge base, and requests support from appropriate sources while working to correct deficiencies.
16. Assumes accountability for practice and strives to attain the highest standards of practice.
17. Engages in self-evaluation regarding anesthetic practice and uses formal and informal evaluation information, including peer review, to improve care and practice.
18. Demonstrates knowledge of current anesthesia literature and practice.
19. Recommends and assists with implementing solutions for resolving procedural/clinical system causes for incidents or risks.
20. Develops/participates in departmental/hospital Continuing Quality Improvement programs.
21. Maintains patient confidentiality at all times.
22. Maintains a clear, complete and accurate anesthetic record.
23. Provides complete and accurate billing documentation.
Participating in the Health Care Team
24. Communicates effectively with attending anesthesiologists regarding all aspects of patient care to include immediate notification of changing patient condition.
25. Utilizes time in an organized manner through skill and forethought to complete daily clinical assignments without delay to the surgical schedule.
26. Promotes positive, respectful interpersonal relationships while communicating effectively with patients, families and all members of the healthcare team.
27. Addresses performance/practice related issues to peers/colleagues in a discreet and professional manner.
28. Respects coworker’s privacy by discouraging gossip, while not projecting personal ethical values/beliefs on others.
29. Supports group decisions and cooperates with those in position of authority.
30. Alters plan/routines/assignments when situation requires and continues to perform without projecting stress/frustration that would adversely affect the work environment.
31. Demonstrates tolerance and skill in dealing with stress.
Professional Requirements:
32. Attends as available Department of Anesthesiology continuing education offerings and CRNA staff meetings.
33. Acts as a consultant, role model, educator and resource for anesthesiology residents, student nurse anesthetists, and allied health professionals.
34. Promotes a positive learning environment for all learners.
35. Supports Department of Anesthesiology clinical research or other Medical Center research by direct or indirect participation to include use of protocols and data collection.
36. Acts as a resource person and mentor for new CRNA staff and other personnel.
37. Reliably present and prepared for patient care responsibilities.
38. Accepts personal responsibility for professional development and maintenance of professional competence, certification, licensure, and credentials.
39. Complies with all organizational policies regarding ethical business practices.
40. Communicates the mission, ethics and goals of the facility.
41. Represents the university in a positive and professional manner.
42. Represents the profession of nursing and specifically anesthesia nursing in a positive and professional manner.
43. Appearance is neat, clean and appropriate.
Requires Washington State RN and ARNP licensure
AND completion of a CRNA educational program and national certification.

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